The Scream Machine is a place where I feel free enough to share with the world my thoughts, feelings, opinions, material that inspires, provokes and other such things. Random though they may be, it is an appropriate platform for which I feel able to express the inner workings of my head and heart.

My family and a small group of friends know me quite well, acquaintances and colleagues are vaguely aware of my public persona, yet most, virtually know nothing of my spirit.

Always alone but never lonely. The Scream Machine is the sounding board that replaces the human element in my life.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to peruse, view and read. May you feel inspired and moved by the similar interests and concepts as I.


– I love adventure.

– I dislike hypocrisy.

– I don’t care if people don’t know what they want.

– I love books but I`m not addicted to them.

– I’m cynical of love stories, although I’m a romantic.

– I’m not fond of curry.

– I adore gardens.

– I’ve been drunk too many times to possibly count or remember, yet now, I rarely drink.

– I am a dog person. Cat’s irritate me.

– I like women who challenge me.

– I love the rain as an excuse to sit inside, work, learn and dream.

– I am furiously impatient.

– My favorite vegetable is broccoli.

– I am a carnivore.

– I’m addicted to coffee.

– I continuously underestimate the magic of fresh flowers in my home.

– I love warm rain in the summer.

– My mood elevates to epic proportions when the sun shines.

– I adore women who highlight their beauty with make-up, rather than cover it.

– I loathe lies. I rarely forgive a lie.

– loyalty and honesty are my most noble virtues, and I value them more than anything else in other people.

– I love to love, and I am able to fall in love very, very quickly, although rarely.

– My favourite colour is silver.

– I love tropical jungles and rainforests.

– My greatest excitement comes from deliberately getting lost in foreign cities.

– I can be extremely loud and frighteningly silent.

– I hate insinuations.

– I love storms.

– I prefer people to be direct and brutally honest.

– Justice for all.

– I appreciate trust.

– I am a proud man, but welcome the influence of a feminine soul.

– I have two sisters.

– I am a dreamer.

– I am extremely stubborn and persistent.

– I am brilliant at keeping secrets.

– I love driving.

– I love lifting a woman up while I hug her.

– I like to laugh and smile.

– I love chocolate sundaes.

– I happily become absolutely and completely lost while watching a burning fire.

– I play the guitar, but require much improvement. It’s my favourite musical instrument.

– I’m a Scorpio.

– I will relocate and work in as many other countries as I possibly can in my lifetime, should the opportunities arise.

– I am an Internet junkie.

– “Driving fast on empty streets at night, with nothing in mind but falling in love and not getting arrested” by Hunter S. Thompson, is my favourite quote.

– Solitude and the warmth of the sun are perfect together.

– I’ve been married once and divorced for 5 years.

– I’m a music junkie. Everything but death metal (and other similar varieties). I listen all the time and think the iPod is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

–  I have travelled extensively and numerously through all continents, except Africa, South America and the poles.

– Chocolate mousse is the shit.

– I curse too much.

– I’m an unassuming tech geek.

– I spent four years as a fire-fighter.

– I’ve run my own company for 23 years working as a theatrical and model agent and manager.

– Bright lights, big cities.

– I’ve been an executive producer on a feature film with theatrical release.

– I have always wanted to try skydiving, but only if it is an accelerated free fall jump.

– I think that some people can say “I love you” and ‘I miss you” without even meaning it, which is sad.

– Some people just don’t care, and that’s the biggest let-down of the human race. There are cures and solutions for many evils, but no remedy for the worst of them all – the apathy of human beings.

– I believe that you should never allow someone else to control the way you feel.

– My hair is short (what’s left of it). I give myself a buzz cut once a week.

– I love lions and elephants.

– I love to dance but am no good at it.

– Racism and bullying makes my blood boil and I possess zero tolerance for both.

– I wish I could surf.

– I’m a night-owl.

– Romantically, I have a soft spot for actresses.

– I’m about as open-minded as one can get.

– I’ve always wanted to learn to scuba-dive.

– I don’t possess a university degree.

– The sound of the Italian language being spoken is as good as my favourite music.

– I hate corrupt cops.

– My Staffordshire Terrier is considered a member of my family as much as every other family member.

– I have an obsession with photography.

– I have some close friends who are household names, but who shall always remain anonymous.

– I am crazy but not lazy.

– Losing a friendship has hurt badly.

– My two sons are the nucleus of my existence.

– I love airports.

– I love freedom.

– If you are pretentious and/or patronising, I can erase you from my life and memory immediately.

– I make decisions quickly. I’m impulsive.

– I’m currently reading “A Darker Domain” by Val McDermid.

– I yearn to explore, dream about and discover as many friendships, love affairs and places one possibly can, in a single lifetime.



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