Jiuzhaigou, China


In large parts of China you can find so many fascinating places, hidden from the prying eyes of tourists. One of these places is the Jiuzhaigou – Reserve in Sichuan. In 1992, this reserve was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can enjoy spectacular panoramas, multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes, snow-capped peaks and many other natural wonders.

Sossusvlei, Namibia


Namibia is not a favourite place for travellers. Surprising, as there are so many interesting places. One being Sossufley – a clay plateau, surrounded by red dunes, located in the central part of the Namib Desert National Park Namib Nauklyuft. It’s an impressive place although one of the hottest and driest in the world.

Curve forest, Poland


This small pine forest, located in the north-west of Poland is in abundance of unusually curved trees. The forest was planted presumably in 1930, and I still have no understanding as to why the trees are bent. There is a theory that it was to be used for furniture.

Plitvice, Croatia


The National Park “Plitvice Lakes” in 1979 was inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. It covers an area of ​​300 square kilometres, and its main feature is the presence of several crystal-clear lakes connected by a network of large and small waterfalls.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia / Angola


Skeleton Coast is part of the coast of Namibia and Angola. It is considered one of the most extreme and unpleasant places in the world. Skeleton Coast is literally littered with the debris of ship wrecks that lie on the shore, and have so, for hundreds of years.

National Forest Park, China


This unique park is known for its so-called “flying mountains” – rock formations in the form of pillars. This natural wonder is created by weather conditions and erosion. These unusual mountains can be seen from anywhere in the park and has become the hallmark of the surrounding areas.

Darwaza, Turkmenistan


The village Darwaza is located in the Karakum Desert in the central part of Turkmenistan. The area is full of natural gas, and in 1971 as a result of excavation and drilling, discovered was an inner emptiness, in which all the equipment failed. To avoid the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere, the team decided to burn them. They hoped that the fire destroyed everything in one or two days, but it was delayed until today. Local residents called this place “the gates of hell.”

Vatnajökull, Iceland


Another country in which has not yet invaded the hordes of tourists, is Iceland. Vatnayёkudl National Park, located in the east of Iceland, boasts stunning landscapes and ice caves.

Lake Retba, Senegal


It is located 30 kilometres north-east of Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Retba translated is “pink lake”. It contains remarkably high content of salts in the water (up to 40%) and, as you’ve probably guessed, pink. Such a coloring is caused by a large number of cyanobacteria in the water. As well as the Black Sea, Lake Retba has a high density, which allows people to stay on the surface of the water.

Playa del Amor, Mexico


A beach called Playa del Amor (known as the “hidden beach”) and situated on the island of Marieta.

Prachovské Rocks, Czech Republic


Almost everyone who visits the Czech Republic, find themselves immersed in Prague. But if you explore the nature of the Czech Republic, the country will blow your mind with its pristine natural wonders. Prachovské rocks are located approx. 90 kilometres west of Prague and is considered a natural treasure. These amazing rock formations are quite popular among the local population, but little known to foreign tourists.

Sơn Đoòng Cave, Vietnam


Usually travelling to Vietnam, the first thing that comes to mind are the markets, beaches, picturesque islands and crystal clear water, but there is one place in this country, which is definitely worth a visit. This limestone cave was only discovered in 1991, and is still relatively untouched and unexplored. Her great lengths to 9 kilometres makes it possibly one of the largest caves in the world.

Small Semyachik, Russia


Russia is known for its extremely low temperatures, but even in one of the most northern part of it, on the Kamchatka Peninsula, there is a striking place worth a visit. Small Semyachik – is a stratovolcano, whose crater is filled with hot acidic water. It adorns a beautiful crystal blue acid surrounding landscape.

Vaadhu Island, Maldives


Island Beach Vaadhu’s famous marine bioluminescence. Every day after sunset, glowing plankton turns the Vaadhu coast into a magical place with a majestic atmosphere.

Pamukkale, Turkey


Turkey is very popular among tourists, although usually these tourists occupy the coastal resorts. If you want to escape from the crowds and enjoy the nature, go inland. Pamukkale is one of the most amazing natural attractions of Turkey. These water terraces are not only strikingly beautiful, but also healing, as they are full of mineral waters.


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