How do people aged late 30s and early 40s pull all-nighters with such ease? I see these crew, who party so absolutely hardcore. And they’re usually women to be honest. Do they possess a certain gene?  A hormone? Or is it just drugs?
Your writer recalls, what seems only like only yesterday, pulling 3-day parties where he should have been pronounced dead. He would wake up, surprised he was alive. He’d look in the mirror. Disbelief! “Fucking hell, I didn’t die. Jesus, I can’t actually believe I survived that. Now time for the breakfast beer.”
Nowadays, I require 8-hours of sleep and two naps just to pull a smile. To pull a 12-hour night bender? I find them close to impossible. Surely there’s an alternative to the promise of hanky-panky and a snow storm of cocaine to getting me off the couch for an all-nighter.
The question is one of coping. Call me Sybil, I can cope with the voices in my head, but the voices outside are just too intense. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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