We’re heading into summer here in Oz, and the anticipated buzz and vibe of partying is well and truly in the air. It’s that time of year where the number one priority is to tone the physique. During the summer, eye candy is just as important as cold beer. Usually, I welcome with a warm heart, this sensational season, however this year is different. It was brought to my attention by a certain loved one, that I was looking, well, a tad “shabby”. Armed with this new-found awareness, I turned to the mirror for clarification and was horrified at what I saw. In fact, any kind of reflection became a frightening reminder of what I had become. Car windows, shop windows, the iPad screen. 
I find myself now unable to escape the embarrassment. The embarrassment of letting myself go. I embarrass myself in front of myself. But all is not lost. I now have a month or so of hardcore street running followed by murderous stomach crunches. It won’t help the abnormally-sized nose or the thinning hair, however there is light on the horizon for a sense of summer vitality. Perhaps regaining the ability to look at myself again without cringing. Then again, perhaps in the right company and with enough beer in them, I’ll appear reasonable no matter what. We’ll see. And to the loved one mentioned above, I sincerely apologise for calling you a bitch, but I thought you already knew. 


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