A Scanner Darkly: An undercover cop becomes addicted to a new designer drug that gradually causes massive and critical changes to the user. He reaches the point where he has no idea who he is or where he is, as reality and fiction start to blur. And then there’s Woody, Winona and Downey. It surely has to be good. trailer

A Single Man: Cinematic glory. A man finds no reason to continue life after the death of the person he loves, in a traffic accident. As he contemplates suicide, he becomes aware he is not alone in his torment. Love, death and deep moments of reflection are abundant. The viewer may initially feel a gloomy distance, however, a connection can be found as the audience begins to relate. trailer

Adams æbler: The humor is so unsuspecting and disturbing at the same time. Or perhaps it is because the Danes know so well, just exactly which social situations are so absurd, that we can not help but laugh. We follow Adam, a brilliantly played neo-Nazi, who after committing a crime has to learn how reintegrate into society. He joins the parish of pastor Ivan who believes he is at war with Satan and that every event is to test his faith. Utter hilarity ensues. Trailer

Batoru Rowaiaru (Battle Royale): Apparently Tarantino’s all time favourite. A movie loaded with high-calibre violence confronting the audience with disturbing questions. A society consisting of immaturity on the one hand, extreme discipline on the other. 42 kids on a deserted island, give them weapons, and only one lives after three days, or they all die. trailer

Before Midnight: The sequel of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. This one is real. Very real. The fragility of life and relationships is the foundation of this movie. Great screenwriting which is reflected in the character’s dialogue, along with the various philosophies of sharing one’s life with another. A world that appears to be random and cannot be controlled. Trailer

Das Leben Der Anderen (The Lives of Others): A deeply touching movie set in 1986 on the east side of the Berlin Wall. We follow the liberal couple Georg and Christa, who, almost by accident, get 24/7 surveillance by the Stasi (the east-german secret police). In what follows we see how a paranoid state creates a claustrophobic environment that alienates its citizens and smothers the life and creativity out of its inhabitants. But what the state couldn’t foresee is the effect this couple has on the police agent who is able to hear everything they do. A beautiful and gripping tale that is highly relevant today. Trailer

Die Welle: A movie about social structure, a German high school teacher teaches a class on autocracy and begins an experiment of his own. The class evolves into a fascist group that is no longer under control. Trailer

Gattaca: This powerful and amazing sci-fi movie depicts a society in the future where the human race are classified and ranked by genetics. Fascinating. Trailer

Her: I adore this movie. This is probably one of the most beautifully shot movies I’ve ever seen. A brilliantly blended weave of science fiction and love. Follows the life of a single writer, Theodore, who purchases the newest operating system, Samantha. The emotional and intelligence development of both, with beautiful philosophical remarks make for an extremely funny, emotionally spellbinding and all around feel good story that also begs the question of what makes us human. A film for the lovebirds. Trailer

Ladri di biciclette (The Bicycle Thief): Oh, God, how I love simplicity. A man, his son and a stolen bicycle. And that’s all. An Italian masterpiece depicting poetic love. Trailer

Le Grande Bellezza: Absolutely jaw-dropping. We follow italian writer Jep Gambardella who lives a life of the elite in Rome. We observe him as he is mesmerised by both the beauty and the absurdity of his world, a world filled with post-modern art performances, a growing decadence and a taste for extravagant parties. The well-timed pacing of the movie draws the viewer in and makes the one shot lingering in the next, blending these together in a beautifully captivating dream. Watch this movie if you want an experience – not an answer. Trailer

Limitless: Phwoah, hold on tight for this ride. A world of self-help books, designer smart drugs and quick ‘get genius’ schemes, with the ultimate goal of being limitless. Such a sci-fi pill is fast becoming a scientific fact. What would you do if you became limitless? Another film that most may have already seen, but see it again. Trailer

Mr. Nobody: For 118 years Nemo(s) is followed in this beautifully explored thought experiment. A brilliant science-fiction movie, set in the present, past and future. An amazing blend of technology, love and the fragile nature of humanity. Trailer

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer: The dark side of psychotic love, yet mesmerising. The mythical story of a boy, a perfume maker, who has a gift of discovering the finest scents on earth. He soon becomes obsessed with discovering the ultimate scent, risking and sacrificing everything that stands in the way. Trailer

Samsara: A young Buddhist monk flees his monastery to pursue his dreams away from the only environment he has ever known. Beautiful settings and the wonderful depiction of rural Tibetan life is the drawcard. Not to be mistaken for the documentary sharing the same title. Trailer

Solyaris (Solaris): A psychologist ventures into space to locate a group of astronauts that have gone mad. As one IMDB commenter puts it “Watch it at night, alone, when everything out of your home is dark, silent, and cold.” A reasonable suggestion. A mind-fuck movie. Trailer

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring: This one, should be mandatory. Potentially life-changing for the viewer. Set in the Korean wilderness, a Buddhist master lives quietly in the middle of a lake. A young boy is left at his door, who he raises. This gorgeous film takes us on a journey through the seasons and the various cycles of life, teaching valuable lessons on the way. This beautiful movie, is one that you’ll want to experience multiple times, each time revealing more about your own individual universe. Magnificent. Trailer

The Act of Killing: A highly disturbing film that documents former Indonesian death squad leaders creating reenactments of their mass murders across a platform of various film genres. Extremely confronting film exposing the horrors of war crimes.. Truly terrifying stuff. Trailer

The Edukators: A young trio break into the homes of the wealthy only to leave behind cryptic messages (Die fette Jahre sind vorbei!) They kidnap a man without knowing what to do with him, and it quickly becomes personal. An interesting movie about friendship, love and the hefty price to be paid for a social ideal. Trailer

The Gods Must Be Crazy: Brand placement at its finest. An African native finds an empty Coca-Cola bottle that has been thrown out of an airplane. Xi, having never encountered such an object before, soon discovers that such a bizarre artifact upsets the whole typical order. One of a kind for its beautiful landscapes, social critique and often hilarious moments. Trailer

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology: If you want a thought provoking movie, then this one tops the list. Philosopher Slavoj Žižek, neurotic yet brilliant (he cracks me up), psycho-analyses the hidden subliminal messages Hollywood movies convey to us. From the titanic to batman, Žižek never fails to deliver a devastating critique of our current capitalistic ideology, implying that changing just ourselves is not enough if we want to overcome global destruction. Difficult, witty and sometimes outright hilarious, this is a movie to watch twice. Trailer

They Live: John Nada finds special sunglasses that reveal the hidden structure of the social order. Everywhere he looks, he finds subliminal messages that are used to control the masses. The acting is woeful and the special effects are ancient, yet a counter-culture classic. Cool concept. Trailer

Un prophète (A Prophet): Brutal, heavy and dark. About a young boy who has been dealt the worst cards all his life. In prison, he belongs to no group, and just wants to be left alone. However, others have different plans. Slowly, they push him to the edge, but they will not like what kind of man he becomes. Very powerful movie, one of the best in its genre. Trailer

Yo, También: I simply adore and love this movie. This movie takes a journey deep into the soul. It helps you realise that the yearning for connection, love and warmth is a mandatory condition for all of us. Trailer


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